SBman Game Hacker is the best too available for Android device which let’s you modify games on your Android device for free. This app is free for download as well as its free of ads. If you have been facing issues with other game hacking apps, then SB Game Hacker is the perfect choice for you. The latest version of this app is v3.0.1 and you can download the full APK file of SB Game Hacker at below provided download link.

Please note that Google Play has removed this app recently from its listing. We don’t know why Google has made decision to remove the app as several other apps of this kind are still there on Google Play. So if you are facing difficulty in finding and downloading SBman Game Hacker for Android, then we have brought the full APK file for you.

Just go through below download link and you will be able to download the APK file of SBman Game Hacker Android app v3.0.1. If you aren’t sure how to download and install this app on your Android device, then follow these steps.


To download and install the app via its APK file, follow these steps:

  1. Download the full APK file of the app at below provided download link
  2. Transfer the APK file to your phone if you used your PC to download the APK file
  3. Launch the APK file from your phone’s file manager – Recommended file managers: Astro, Total Commander, ES File Explorer, Tomi File Manager
  4. Use your phone’s application package installer to install the app, before installing the app first ensure that you have allowed third party installations in your device’s security settings

Download Link:

Download SBman Game Hacker v3.0.1 APK

The fastest memo, with convenient functions

From people who’d like to keep life recorded,
for people who’d like to keep life recorded.

There are already lots of memo note applications, so why you may want to choose TechoNote (Techo Lite)? Compared with other memo pads, TechoNote has three features:

Fast & Simple :
TechoNote has not any unnecessary step. You can immediately start typing after entering TechoNote. The text you have write will be saved automatically when you quit the application.

Convenient :
“Import & Export”, “Clear/Undo Clear”, “Copy All”, “Shortcut”, “Go to top”, “Shared-text-receiving”, “Share” and “Send via mail” function are supported.

download free apk android


Root Checker (by joeykrim) confirms that your Android device is rooted or not. A rooted Android device lets you do more with apps and games, and if you have recently rooted your phone or tablet but aren’t sure either it is properly rooted or not, then Root Checker app will do the job for you. Just download and install Root Checker app on your Smartphone or tablet and launch it. The app will analyze your device intelligently and will let you know either the rooting process was completed successfully or your device still needs a second rooting.

The current version of Root Checker Android app is v5.2.2 and you can download the APK file of this version at download link provided at bottom of this content. But before downloading the app to your Smartphone or tablet, you might be interested to know some more details about Root Checker v5.2.2.


Root Checker was last updated on October 20, 2014 (till we were writing this content) and after the last update, Root Checker now provides you these features. Please note that we haven’t listed all features brought by Root Checker v5.2.2. Only major features of this app are listed here.

Support for Latest Android OS: Root Checker 5.2.2 supports almost all devices. It has a great support for the devices with newest version of Android OS. If you have bought a brand new phone with latest version of Android OS installed on it, Root Checker will recognize and support that device too.

Identifies Root Access: Root Checker needs administrator or superuser privileges and when you launch the app with administrative access to your device, the app will start digging deep into your device’s configurations. After a very quick test of your Android Smartphone or tablet’s configuration, the app will tell you either your device is rooted properly or not.

Easy Root Test: Rooting an Android device isn’t an easy task for beginner users. Although this task is a harder job, but if you have managed to root your device by your own, the next issue will be confirming the fact either the device’s rooting process was completed successfully or not. Many Android users are out there who face big troubles to confirm this fact.

But Root Checker has made this task extremely simple for even basic users. Just download and install Root Checker (via APK file or for Google Play) on your Android device and simply launch it to know either you device was rooted properly or not.

Bugs? Here are the fixes: If you have installed Superuser or SuperSU previously, then the apps will prompt you while launching Root Checker either you allow the root access for the app or not. At that time, accept the access request so Root Checker will analyze your device to collect the correct information about your device’s root status.

We discuss enough about Root Checker. Now lets proceed to the free download links of Root Checker v5.2.2. At below provided download links, you can either download the full APK file Root Checker or you can install it from Google Play Store. Choice is yours. Both sources are free. Google Play Store is always a recommended source for downloading and installing apps and games, but if your device’s doesn’t support Google Play Store, then download the APK file to install Root Checker on your device.

Root Checker v5.2.2 Download Links:

Root Checker APK for Android v5.2.2Dev: joeykrim Category: ToolsDownload APKInstall from Google Play

If you are a big fan of MOBA games but wanted something other than LOL or DOTA to change things up a bit. Well you best check out Hero Siege because it looks very different but still plays just as good. The 2D graphics really give the genre a breath of fresh air. With plenty of heroes to choose from, all of which play very differently for diverse gameplay, any fan of LOL or DOTA will certainly appreciate what the developers have done for Hero Siege.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas seem to be the bees knees nowadays, with nice variations to the genre it seems like fans are in no way lacking for content. But here is one that really breaths new life in to the genre with its unique art style and heroes. In this MOBA you can choose from a team of bad ass bears, each one with their own unique set of moves to bring to the table. Take control of the map against other teams to win the battle with the most adorably badass bears you will ever see.

Join Jake and Finn as they take their adventures on to the board. Just like the good old D&D days this is a game card that will test your wits, and the best part is that it is all in Adventure Time theme. You will come across familiar characters from the hit T.V series along with a huge cast of monsters and enemies to confront. Build custom decks to suit your play style then try them out against the computer. With a long single player campaign featuring a wacky storyline one can expect from the Adventure Time universe.

Here is a fun game you can play amongst your friends which will really tease your brain. Players will have to wrack their minds in order to solve the various play on words as they are presented with a combination of familiar emojis and associate them with words. A simple concept yet it works so well, and it’s great that they use the official emotion icons available on various smartphones. So if you’re looking to give your brain and vocabulary a bit of a work out, then Guess the Emoji certainly will not disappoint.